34 People wrote to us:
  1. Great health center. I could write a long review about how great it is but you have to take a tour and see for yourself. From the 6,000 sq. ft. weight room, the six-lane lap pool, the 50 yard turf field, to the rock wall, the owner built this place right. I’m happy there is a gym like this in Syracuse now.
    I have never signed up for a gym where there wasn’t a contract, when my wife and I signed up the terms were very clear.

    February 25, 2015
  2. Really impressed with this place. I’ve been around the gym circuit in Syracuse for quite a few years and when I heard this place was opening I was a little skeptical of how the “one stop shop” concept would turn out. Now seeing it come to fruition, I am quite impressed. Not sure why they picked Syracuse to create this mega facility but I am glad they did. Prior to being a member at Pacific I used to have a membership at several different locations to get everything I wanted but now I just go to pacific. Example: Driving across town to use a pool and then going to my gym to lift definitely pales in comparison to going to one location and being able to simply walk down the hallway to reach the pools, weights, track, climbing, etc. I also can get massages here, which was an awesome perk because I deal with a lot of injuries training. Also for a gym the place is really clean. The machines never have the dried sweat look or sweaty smell that is common in the industry. It is definitely the highest quality facility I’ve seen. I would highly recommend at least taking a walk through and seeing the place because it is quite a spectacle to behold for anyone who has any interest in fitness.

    February 25, 2015
  3. I really like this place. Has everything. Like literally. I mainly use the heavy weight room and the track. The weight room has nice lifting platforms and plenty of plates. Never have to wait for a bar, bench, or squat rack. There’s a wide range of dumbbells too. The track is nice because I can get my running in and then lift and there’s never anyone in my way. The place is always super clean too. Not really anything to complain about.

    February 25, 2015
  4. I have been climbing for a number of years and have been to many different rock climbing gyms, and this one holds up. There is more climbing than you would expect from the pictures posted on their website (if you are looking for more check out Facebook).

    The bouldering was good with a variety of walls, decent setting, a good range of difficulty (they do have climbs up to V8), and really good pad coverage. The atmosphere was friendly and the staff was relaxed.

    I would highly recommend this gym.

    February 25, 2015
  5. Great facility with plenty to choose from. The people that work there are super friendly. Check out the climbing gym The Ledge with the team there and they will make your first experience climbing great!

    February 25, 2015
  6. Great selection of equipment, top notch martial arts program, nice climbing facility and friendly staff. Can’t say a bad thing!

    February 25, 2015
  7. Great equipment and excellent group class leaders! A lot of my friends have joined as well and everyone raves about it!

    February 25, 2015
  8. Super awesome place!!! By far THE BEST indoor track I’ve ever seen. It feels like you’re running outside because they have realistic paintings on the wall that make it look like you’re outside. Plus they have sky lights so we can still get some sunlight while running. This is big for me because I’m not a treadmill person and it’s too cold out to run outside. Plus their pool area is GORGEOUS and since the pool hours are the same as the club’s hour’s there is a big window of time to use it so it’s rarely being used all at once which is nice because I hate crowded pools!! Not to mention the locker room is beautiful and big!! With like 10 showers and marble walls! This place is a dream come true for me!

    February 25, 2015
  9. My husband and I joined back in May and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made. I started with a goal in mind of losing a few pounds, I was a little self conscious of my weight so naturally stepping into a gym is always a little scary (I’ve had bad experiences in the past. Judgment, etc.) But the atmosphere at this gym has been nothing but positive and constructive. The staff has been very accommodating and motivating too. I lost a considerable amount of weight since joining. I mainly utilize their track and walk/jog while my husband likes their heavy weight room and rock climbing. We drop our daughter off at their kids area and she likes to play with the staff there. The girls there are so sweet and good with the kids. So I would certainly recommend this gym to anyone and hope they have as good of an experience as I have.

    February 25, 2015
  10. Love this place…something for everyone. Wish I had more time 🙂

    December 29, 2014
  11. So much fun! Has everything!

    December 16, 2014
  12. The best facility I’ve ever joined! So happy to be associated with such an amazing group of instructors and trainers!

    December 10, 2014
  13. I have met the most amazing and supportive people at this gym, from the staff to other members. With their guidance and support I have accomplished many things I never thought I’d be able to do. This is the most AMAZING gym I have ever seen!!!! Thank you to all of you for being there for all of us!!!! I highly recommend this facility to everyone!!!!

    October 6, 2014
  14. Took a tour today and loved everything it has to offer. We are moving from Rochester to Syracuse and Pacific Health Club is a big reason we decided to move. Can’t wait to get started!

    August 3, 2014
  15. Very nice facial and day pass experience, they offer a good verity of services.

    July 26, 2014
  16. Great gym, great staff.

    July 9, 2014
  17. Another great MMA fit class tonight. Love the classes and I am never disappointed. Tisha motivates and pushes you out of your comfort zone every class. She takes the time to show you how to do the different moves and helps you modify if needed. You always leave feeling accomplished and wanting more. MMA fit is a great addition to Pacific Health Club. You won’t regret giving it a try.

    June 13, 2014
  18. My new home for growth, improvement, and change!

    June 2, 2014
  19. If you live within 10-15 minutes of this gym do yourself a favor and join! Multiples of every machine, all kinds of open areas, pools galore, and the list goes on. Really a one of a kind gym!

    April 27, 2014
  20. Wonderful facility! Innovative quality. First class all the way!! Fun staff and enthusiastic trainers!!!

    February 21, 2014
  21. It’s absolutely beautiful and everyone is like a family. You get along with literally everyone.

    February 20, 2014
  22. Great gym, great staff and THE BEST yoga classes.

    January 16, 2014
  23. They have everything you need. (Everything!)

    January 7, 2014
  24. Beautiful place and plenty to do there!

    December 30, 2013
  25. Top notch. Great gym.

    November 29, 2013
  26. Can’t say enough good things so far, and there is still more to come…especially love the Zumba classes and kids play area and pools.

    November 10, 2013
  27. Wonderful facial. One of the best I ever had.

    November 3, 2013
  28. Amazing gym! The best of the best are all here in one spot…I love it here!

    October 30, 2013
  29. Great gym! Best classes!!

    October 26, 2013
  30. Has everything you need to work out and more. Dancing Kats are the best of the best !!!

    October 24, 2013
  31. Completely out of this world! This place holds something for everyone!

    October 24, 2013
  32. There is something for everyone!

    October 23, 2013
  33. I want to thank Pacific for their child care facility. The Girls and ladies that work in there are excellent…this coming from over protective parents. I don’t think they get enough kudos for the genuine fondness they show towards the children that are in the room.

    October 22, 2013
  34. Big, beautiful, comfortable, friendly, lots of classes, lots of equipment, many different things to do, unique facility with features you won’t find at any other health club. I love it there!

    October 22, 2013